WORLD HERITAGE VOLUNTEERS – A historic wall that connects us.

San Millán Yuso and Suso Monasteries, Spain.

A case study for the evaluation of the social value of Cultural Heritage.

The volunteers learn about the history of the site and its management plan, and interact with the local community. Under the guidance of a conservation specialist, they will learn about the future conservation measures.

The project aims at raising awareness among youth and encouraging local community to get involved in the protection and communication of the property; and at strengthening the collaboration between different stakeholders at local, national and international levels.


The project joins to World Heritage actions by hosting an international activity in a rural setting, with the aim to go beyond and create a space to reflect on the social value of Cultural Heritage and its connection to sustainability.

In line with the Faro Convention and the Strategy 21.


From La Cultora we selected the Cultural Heritage management programme as a case study in relation to the self-assessment of the Faro Convention and furthermore we provided active listening methodologies between the community and volunteers through interviews and surveys to analyse the social value.

In line with the Faro Convention and the Strategy 21.


We worked with the conventions vision, developed communication tools, such as articles, post for social media and for the digital community. 

We mapped a community of local and international stakeholders in order to keep it active and give it continuity in the following years.

In line with the Faro Convention and the Strategy 21.